This Brutally Honest Guide To Losing Weight Has Gone Viral — And With Good Reason!

At the best of times, losing weight is difficult and can feel next to impossible.

Aaron Bleyhaert knows that feeling. In fact he experienced it intensely for about a year.

Bleyhaert ended up writing a guide to weight loss in which he outlined in 4 “easy” steps to reaching your goals.

What he didn’t expect was that his article would take the internet by storm.

His honest and courageous advice and recounting of his experience – during which he lost 80 lbs – got people’s attention.

Here are Bleyhaert’s tips (link to full article at the end)

1. No Beer

As Bleyhaert rightfully says, “every time you drink a beer, it’s like eating seven slices of bread.” But we can take that one more step and say no alcohol. While there are some drinks that are better than others, the majority of the time, alcoholic drinks are empty calories that don’t do your efforts any favours. Why undo that gym session at happy hour?

2. Portion Control

Bleyhaert offers a great tip when it comes to portion control and dining out. He says, “when your meal comes, cut it in half and right away ask for a takeout container, so that you can save the rest for later”. This is a great idea when you consider that the majority of portions offered in restaurants are well above what is recommended and healthy. Bleyhaert also says that ordering lean protein and vegetables is also useful when trying to trim down. And remember, when eating at home, make sure vegetables are the bulk of your meal!

3. Have Your Heart Broken

And this, is where we can all stand with Bleyhaert.

We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all felt broken and tossed aside.

We’ve all wanted to just give up and crawl into a dark hole.

But, we haven’t all used it to our advantage. We haven’t all done what Bleyhaert did. He took his pain and used it to fuel exercise and healthy eating.

He used it to be better and feel better. And in turn, this exercise and self care routine lead to his healing.

He says, “join the gym at your work. Start going to the gym regularly, and even though you don’t know that much about exercise and you’re way too weak to do pretty much anything but lift 5 lb weights and use the elliptical machines with the old people, do it until your sweat makes a puddle on the floor. Then go home and go to bed early and the next day do it again.”

And then again.

And then again.

Bleyhaert went through a year of heartache, a year of pushing himself physically and mentally before he reached his current body.

How many of us use that pain as a reason to give up and fall into a tub of ice cream?

While tempting and understandable, it clearly isn’t the healthiest move. And while you may feel like it at first, in the end it isn’t about showing up an ex. It isn’t about being hotter after the break up. It is about loving yourself enough to be healthy.

It will feel like a struggle, but Bleyhaert offers this important reminder: “It’s about being able to wait. Waiting, being patient, and trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will eventually get better. After all, change takes time. But time is all it takes.”

4. No Fruit Juice

While fruit in moderation is very good for you, fruit juices not so much. As Bleyhaert says, “Too much sugar!!!”

Does this advice resonate with you? Have you turned your heartache into motivation?

If you haven’t read the the full original article, it’s worth 5 minutes of your day. Here’s the link:

Original Source Aaron Bleyaert